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Colbyhaus Shepherds

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About Colbyhaus Shepherds

We at ColbyHaus Shepherds are a small hobby/breeding kennel, located in Weare, NH. We are guided by the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) breed standard in our breeding program and our participation of AKC sports.

Our focus for our breeding program is breeding sound, healthy dogs.  We only breed 1 to 2 litters per year, all our breeding dogs are and have been health tested.  Our future moms receive a breeding soundness exam, plus health testing by our licensed reproductive vet before they are bred. We here at Colbyhaus Shepherds are AKC breeders of Merit.

On the sports side, we participate in many AKC conformation specialty and all breed events, including National specialties.  We have also participated in other AKC sponsored events ie. FAST CAT, Herding and Rally.  Lastly, we participate in Canadian National and specialty conformation shows.

We are proud members of both parent clubs (GSDC of America & Canada) and our local GSD clubs.

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Colbyhaus Litters

Currently we have no available puppies. Next litter will likely be mid-2023 from our girl “Krissy”

Multi-Best in Specialty

Multi American/Canadian Group Winning 

Am 2x Sel Ex GCH CH

Can Sel CH

Canadian BIM

ColbyHaus' Twas The Night Before Christmas OFA TC

2022 Canadian Select #2 Bitch Critique

Judge Mr. Jack Kilgour -

"When an animal moves this well, you know it’s built right!

This is a medium to large, lightly pigmented black and tan.  Strong, athletic, and agile with a beautiful outline of smooth curves.  Her proportions are excellent, especially so in depth of body to length of leg. She is feminine with a keen and intelligent expression.  Her head is attractive with strong ears, dark eyes and parallel skull and muzzle planes.  I’d prefer a more noble look with slightly stronger muzzle and jaws.  This bitch has a long neck, high withered, and her back is short, strong, and level.  Both her topline and underline are ideal, and she has a lovely long and smooth croup.  Her legs are straight, pasterns strong and hocks are short and strong.  She is well angulated at both ends and she takes an outreaching, effortless stride.  She keeps her feet close to ground.  I would like her to have better use of her tail when in motion.  She is clean coming and going.  This bitch outperformed the Grand Victrix but didn’t quite measure up in nobility and strength. CURVES"

2022 American Select Excellent #4 Bitch Critique

Judge Mr. James Moses-

"Another medium-sized ligher black and tan bitch with correct body proportions and excellent angulation at both ends. She looks like she could gait all day without fatigue. A very balanced mover, excellent coming and going."

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